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July 31, 2009


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Mike Rafael

yes. here's how:

In June, a week before the Tonys, broadcast a "Broadway season in revue" variety shopw. Have a host (or hosdts) narrate the seasomn just ended, introducing musical numbers and/or excerpts from notable (eg. nominated) shows.

Given the fact that most people watch the Tonys for the musical numbers, and the Summer success of shows like SYTYCD and AGT, i'd be willing to bet that this type of variety show wopuld draw at least as well as the awards themselves, would increase interest in the awards and provide a better national ad for Broadway (which is what the Bway League wants anyway). this might mean moving the tony awards to pbs or cable but it would also return some legitimacy to the awards themselves. let the advertising be advertising.

ps. i've got an original musical for you (*smile*).

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